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Errors Property Owners Make When Picking a Realtor

It holds water to choose a listing agent who gives the highest property value because you want to sell your property to the highest bidder, but picking a real estate agent based on the value they give you can be the start of series of mistakes, you need to know that a listing agent can only give you estimates and you and the buyer have the final say regarding the price of the house. What you need to understand is that a listing agent cannot tell you the final value of your property what they can do is to furnish you with comparable sales, active and pending sales anything beyond this is misleading and it is intended to entice you into retaining them. As mentioned earlier you have the final word regarding the value of your house, the realtor should guide you through the whole process to ensure the transaction is completed with less hassle as possible. This article intends to enlighten you in choosing the right listing agent based on other variables besides selling value.

Choosing a listing agent who takes the lowest commission, generally, real estate agents ask for 6 percent commission of the selling price of your property, therefore, when you meet a realtor asking something less than this you need to be careful, this is because the lesser the commission the realtor ask the higher the chances of committing inadequate resources to market your property, furthermore, a listing agent who gives the highest quote only want to outshine the competitors to have the highest listing which most property owners use as criteria of reliability and competence of listing agents, regrettably most of the listed property may not be selling and you will probably be discouraged by slow sale process.

A considerable numbers of homeowners overlook local real estate agent, they view them as inexperienced and unreliable but this notion costs several homeowners dearly because of inadequate knowledge of the local property market of foreign real estate agents, a local listing agent has a great understanding of the local regulations that govern property market in the area which plays a key role in ensuring smooth transaction process with no or minimum hassle as possible.

Failure to access customer service of the listing agent beforehand is another grave mistake most homeowners make when hiring a real estate agent, a listing agent with poor customer service are barely present for you, dishonest and untrustworthy, this lead to poor property selling experience which is stressful and frustrating. You can use this guide to select a good listing agent by avoiding those mistakes.
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